When we make better things for human beings,
we make being human, better.
I'm a maker, a problem solver, a solutionnaire. I commit myself to work I love: conscientious, consistent, creative design for human beings.
Great design is clear communication. Thoughtful, kind, and nearly invisible. Designing for clarity takes much more effort, and it's always worth it.
Life gives us ~80 years of self discovery. Let's go exploring.
Essential to creativity is presence of mind. Rather than multi-tasking, I focus deeply on one thing at a time, and find my flow.
A smooth blend, equal parts silly & sassy. Humor connects, elevates, provides space for perspective. Cut through the bullshit. Tell the truth. Have more fun.

Word on the street

Julie Mathers

VP of product design & UX
"Mark is an incredibly talented designer, product thinker, and visionary. He has a deep understanding of tech, design, product, and business. He's passionate about understanding user needs, has a strong intuition, great attention to detail, and excels at solving end to end design challenges. I worked with Mark on many vision and strategy projects: unifying a platform, bridging fragmented workflows, and innovating native mobile applications."

Vlad Gorshkov

Sr Manager of Design
"Mark joined at the time when the company had no understanding of user experience or good design. Through his continuous interactions with the right directors and executives, he helped the young UX team find a direction, process, and a vision. Mark brought amazing energy, sense of importance to interaction design and incredible design solutions for our customers."

Stu Thompson

Principal Software Architect
"Mark is one of the unique thinkers in this world. Able to see past the obvious answers, Mark delivers creative and intuitive solutions that are both fresh and yet instantly familiar. One of the most striking things about working with Mark is how often his work and his ideas are emulated by those around him. His spark and passion energizes those around him and his contributions become a positive force on any team he works with."

Brian Lamka

Director of Product Management
"Working with Mark was great. He fundamentally believes in solving for outcomes vs outputs, and this guides every step of his design process. He is logical, organized, and very thorough in his work. He has an ownership mentality, which I've found to be surprisingly rare in my career. And, perhaps most important, his attitude and sense of humor made the long hours we spent together on this project a lot of fun. Mark epitomizes my ideal design leader."

Jeanne Bard

Sr. Manager, UX Research
"Mark Iris is an excellent product designer with an unmatched ability to ideate and innovate at a prolific pace. Already a highly skilled designer and product visionary, I’m especially impressed with his dedication to continue learning and improving. As both a product designer and a collaborator, Mark has my highest recommendation."

Seema Chaudry

Director of UX
"Mark is one of the sharpest minds in any room he's present. I have seen him provide insight into usability issues that is on point and leads to significant improvements. He's very detail oriented and communicates his thought process very well. When presenting designed solutions, he always has alternative designs and explorations as examples for discussion - a sign of a good designer with a holistic approach to his work."

Sergey Ivashov

Sr. Director, Growth & Analytics
"Mark is an amazing mobile product manager with a keen sense for design details. What makes him truly stand out, is that he has managed to find the right balance between understanding customer needs, pushing the boundaries with design to delight the customer, and is able to convince engineering that the huge obstacle they see is just a minor roadblock that can be overcome with creativity."

Cameron Mayer

Chief Technology Officer
"Mark is a talented and insightful individual who has been a significant positive influence on eBay's mobile apps, both in terms of Product Management and Interaction Design. Definitely an "A-Player," and a pleasure to work with."

Shawn Piper

Team Manager, UX Design
"Mark is one of those rare and exceptional individuals who exceeds at just about everything he does. Mark regularly goes beyond the traditional constraints of product management with his ideation, first-principles thinking, and creative talents. Combined with his technical competencies, Mark is a bit of a superstar."
Seaworld Parks & Entertainment
dec 2020 - current
Director of User Experience
Leading design for SeaWorld’s digital transformation. Responsible for redesigning responsive websites, creating native mobile apps, and building integrated on-location digital experiences for 12+ parks. Working directly with SVP of Product to influence broader strategy, roadmap, and resource allocation to achieve product outcomes of driving guest monetization through innovative solutions, and increasing CLV through engaging and elegant digital experiences.
Hinge Health
Apr 2020 - Dec 2020
Principal Product Designer
9 MOs
Led discovery & design for upcoming Acute and Perisurgical programs. Concepted design system pilot, and led a top initiative to get mobile and web applications up to WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards by end of 2020.
jun 2017 - Apr 2020
UX Director, Strategic Initiatives
2 yrs, 3 mos
Reimagined current products, envisioned new products & services, and identified strategic opportunities. Led an initiative to modernize the platform’s user experience, rebuild global navigation, and unify the platform. Directed the components, patterns, and templates of our global design system. Contributed to the process, growth, and strategic direction of the UX team as it expanded from 20 to 65 FTEs, managing and mentoring multiple ICs.
Principal UX Designer
8 mos
UX, UI Designer and acting Product Manager for the Web Builder Framework that makes up the backbone of over 15 products. Was a main contributor to the design system, conceptualized & led mobile redesign and App Builder as we acquired QuickMobile and DoubleDutch, tripling our mobile work force, and many other projects and initiatives.
Walmart labs
Dec 2015 - Jun 2017
Lead Interaction Designer, End to End Experiences
7 mos
Led a multi-disciplinary team of 5 on an exploratory design effort to research, discover, conceptualize, and validate new ways of shopping online, connecting the brand with customers through novel and authentic experiences, and raising CLV. Operating like a design agency within the company, we presented concepts to leadership at key intervals.
Sr. UX Architect, Mobile Lead
1 yr 1 mo
Sole UX designer on the Sam’s Club apps for iOS and Android, phone and tablet. Projects included IA and navigation redesign, search, sort and filter, home Screen, Club Pickup, Scan & Go, promotions, accounts, and many more. I was also able to dabble in service design with store operations, in-store technology like beacons and kiosks, and associate-facing applications.
Dec 2010 - Dec 2015
Sr. Product Designer, HomE, Personalization, Engagement
1 yr 1 mo
Maintaining my previous role’s duties, I added the responsibilities of a UX/UI Designer. Domain ownership spanned website (global), mobile web, Android and iOS native apps. Worked on eBay's Home page, Collections, Following (600MM; 6.0% CTR on eBay Homepage), Feed, Trending, and other browsable professional and user-generated content. Led Engagement Mechanics initiative - an effort to reduce and simplify 20+ years of engagement signals and methods into one holistic, cross-platform system.
Sr. Product Manager, Mobile User Experience
1 yr 2 mos
Initiated, concepted and directed the eBay 4.0 redesign effort across iPhone, iPad, Android & MobileWeb platforms enabling over $29B in mobile commerce in 2014. The effort led to a global application launch and required tight collaboration with most global product teams, marketing, customer service, core sites and services, and many more. In this role I also served as the steward of cross-platform design and UX coherence.
Product Manager, Android App
2 yrs 1 mo
Product owner for the Android app as it reached 140MM total downloads, avg. 88k/week, 4.5 star rating, and over $9B in mobile commerce in 2014. Created, designed and managed implementation of new features with 5 agile teams, ran A/B tests and iterated on existing features. Helped interview, hire, and scale the Android team to 40+ employees.
Program Manager, Android App
10 mos
PgM at eBay is basically a Project Manager but over multiple domains. As the team’s first PgM, I created the SDLC process, helped hire and onboard 20+ FTEs, maintained release schedules, managed service, engineering and design dependencies, reported product health, timeline, and team status to management, scheduled and led team meetings, stand ups and feature meetings, built and maintained wikis and bug databases.
Software Engineer II Quality, Mobile
10 mos
Co-lead on a team of 10 QEs, managing tasks, test cases and test planning, rote and performed exhaustive global test plans. Since mobile was new I helped define quality metrics and standards for mobile testing at eBay, directly triaged service outages and customer reports and ensured consistent functionality across Web, Android & iOS phone and tablet apps.
Critical Path Software
July 2010 - Dec 2010
Quality Assurance Engineer
6 mos
Mostly black box testing and bug reporting on popular mobile apps in the very early days of iPhone. Worked on Chegg, Expedia, and eBay apps for iPhone and iPad. CPS was acquired by eBay soon after joining. Great timing.
Jul 2006 - Jul 2010
Prior to the Tech I worked in Music, Television, Marketing, and Graphic Design, while “Kerouac-ing” my way through New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, and eventually landing in Portland.
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