Project Preview
Digital transformation
SeaWorld | 2021-22

Just a quick preview...

I pulled this page together quickly to share some of my recent and current work as the head of UX design and main individual contributor on the new Digital Experience team at SeaWorld Entertainment.

The gig was too interesting to turn down. A digital transformation. Bring modern design and tech to a classic American company. Digital & physical spaces. Endless opportunity.

The team is small. We do it all.

Website redesign

A 6+ month effort that is actively in development. I made this video to present the project to our board of directors and companywide at a town hall in March 2022.

SeaWorld owns 12 parks across the nation. Each one has its own website, with content teams building unique content every day.

This isn't a just web redesign, it's a redesign of a web publishing platform.

Mobile apps

In record time, we built a set of native, white-label apps for iOS & Android that would support seven individual brands across twelve parks.
blended average app rating
across the Apple and Google app stores
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